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South Korea and Europe start iPhone location tracking investigations

South Korea’s Korea Communications Commission is now asking Apple questions about the location data being stored on iPhones and iPads and backed up to users’ computers. South Korea joins the governments of France, Germany, and Italy, which late last week notified Apple that they also had questions about location data collection. These investigations follow stern […]

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Spearphishing + zero-day: RSA hack not ‘extremely sophisticated’

Security firm RSA announced in March that it had been the victim of a hack that it described as « extremely sophisticated. » The company has now shared some details of the attack. « Extremely sophisticated »? More like « run-of-the-mill. » A spear-phishing e-mail was sent to two small groups within the company. Though the e-mail was automatically marked as […]

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tracked by my ipad

Two security researchers have discovered that iPhones and 3G-equipped iPads regularly record and store location information to a hidden file that is backed up to iTunes and even transferred to new devices. While the information isn’t necessarily accessible to remote hackers, the researchers noted that it does raise some important concerns about privacy. Researchers Alasdair […]

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HBGary’s open letter: full of denials that don’t hold water

HBGary, the security firm that saw its servers hacked and its e-mails released after its HBGary Federal offshoot angered the Anonymous hive, published a rather peculiar open letter this past Friday in an effort to address the « large amount of misinformation reported in the press. » But the letter makes some questionable claims of its own. […]

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Malware on the Mac: is there cause for concern?

Malware on the Mac: is it mostly hype or a real problem faced by real people? If you ask John Gruber, the answer might be the former—there are lots of proof-of-concept scenarios and virtually none that manifest themselves beyond a slow news day. If you ask Ed Bott, however, the answer would be the latter—he […]

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